A Revolving Salary Advance Virtual Wallet with Multiple Access Channels (Mobile App, USSD and ATM card)

Making your financial solution is closer than you think!

The Pledge Salary Advance Virtual Wallet is a financial product that bridges unexpected expenses and short-term financial needs. It is acceptable on all POS and ATMs in Nigeria. You can also access funds via our mobile app. Our virtual wallet is convenient and solves all your quick financial needs.


Revolving Funds within reach without hassles, whenever you need it

No usage, no interest charged. No hidden charges. No need for periodic reapplication!

Pay as You Use (PAYU)

  • Interest accrues daily on what you use
  • Rate reduces based on frequency of use
  • Competitive interest rate

No Hidden charges

  • No delivery charge
  • No hidden charges
  • No management fee
  • No collateral required

Cash when you need it

  • Spend via any POS or ATM in Nigeria
  • Transfer to 3rd party via your Pledge App
  • Revolving

Security guaranteed

  • Receive alerts on every transaction
  • Monitor funds online via pledge App
  • Personalised PIN retrieval

Get yours within 24 hours after complete documentation!

Apply for a Pledge Wallet Now

₦15,000     ₦200,000
1 day     30 day
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Who we are

Pledge Financial Limited is a financial services company with the main objective to provide access to personal funds frontier markets in Africa, starting with Nigeria.

Founded in January 2016, we innovate every day learning from our customers' experiences while leveraging information technology to deliver personalized customer service.

You Qualify if You :

  • Are between 22 and 55 years old
  • Have a salary account in any commercial bank
  • Live and work in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Have a clean credit history
  • Have a Work ID card and any VALID Govt Issued ID